Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we have eyes...


These are some of the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen.

I feel like Hudson is growing up so much already. We had our very first doctors appointment today, and our little peanut is doing amazing, growing perfectly, & is almost back to his birth weight! Hudson has decided that he likes sleeping on my lap SO much more than in his bassinet, so we have enjoyed the past few nights in the recliner...starting off with re-runs of Say Yes, to the Dress...Bethanny Ever After, and Dr. Phil. Might be a negative to some, but when we are getting 5+ hours of sleep at a time, I'm thinking that is a HUGE positive right now! NOBODY is complaining! From the mouth of his doctor " There is NO such thing as spoiling a week old baby!" We are taking full advantage of that! We really are beyond lucky!

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  1. You can't spoil him AT ALL! I say do what you need to do to survive and keep sane! Newborns are so precious!


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