Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THIS is multi-tasking...

cRaZy, but I'm a mom. Right now. Yesturday. Two weeks and three days ago.
cRaZiEr, but I'm a mom & a wife. Okay, so thats not completely crazy, but when it comes to both, things get a little crazy. That's where some pretty intense multi-tasking comes in.
-I made a three layer cake, and dinner yesturday all while holding Hudson in one arm.
-I feel like I need to blog, to document our new lives, especially "little baby k's", and right now, this blog post is being typed with one hand.
-Laundry, dinner, feedings, emails, phone calls, diaper changings, still recovering, nap times, eating, dishes, feeding, diaper changing...etc. etc. etc. over & over & over. Some how it all happens in one day.
Funny thing is- Kalob doesn't expect any of this. The house doesnt have to be clean and dinner doesn't have to be on the table when he gets home.
Maybe I should except that I can't do it all??
Ehhhh. Maybe later.
SIDE NOTE: I have, by far, the best baby in the whole entire world. Baby H is sleeping at least 5 hours straight a night, sometimes 7. He cries when he is hungry. Nap time consumes our days. Takes a pacifier, and a bottle if we need to. Loves his car seat and does amazing in the car. Loves tummy time. Yep. Pretty much. Best baby ever award.
I love my family.

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  1. welcome to Motherhood! Multitasking is the BEST. Also, count your blessings with Hudson, because I have an amazing baby as well. However some are not too lucky. Sounds like your doing well!


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