Friday, May 13, 2011

must haves...

So now that I'm a "pro-mom" (two weeks and four days in)...HA! okay okay, I know that I dont even come remotely close to the definition of pro, let alone adding mom to that word, but I've had so many expecting friends ask me the "must haves" of motherhood and just getting by. So I've created my list - fully knowing that every child is completely different!
MOMMY HOOD SURVIVAL LIST: not in any order of importance.
-Soothie Pacifiers. These are the pacifiers that they use in the hospital. I think they are absolutely hideous, but its all Hudson will take- out with they 4 packs of Nuk pacifiers!
-Boppy Pillow. Who would have thought that a pillow would make such a difference! Unless you have arms of steel- your arm will eventually give out. Feedings are so much easier!
-Car Seat Cover. Okay, I may be super protective- but I know I'm not the only one who hates when complete strangers come and touch your baby. BACK UP! My car seat cover has saved my sanity and my childs immunity system.
-Wipe Warmer. This may be a "spoiled" item, but who want a cold wipe on their bum at 3am? I know my baby doesn't!
-Burp Cloths. This may be a no brainer, but really stock up...We have multiples in every room of the house! Saves you, your baby's milk messes, and saves the amount of your laundry detergent!
- Desitin or Butt Paste. There is nothing worse than a sad baby because of a sore bum.
-Breast Pump. I thought because I was going to be a stay at home mom that I wouldn't need or want to pump, SO WRONG. I can actually get out of the house and not have to worry about "public" feedings, or rushing out to the car to feed "baby h", because out comes a bottle! :)
-Lanolin. Breast Feeding isn't the most comfortable thing at first, so you will need all the "comfort" you can get.
SiDE NoTe: breast feeding is by far the best diet/weight loss plan ever! You will bounce back in no time!
- Diaper Genie. Call me crazy, but I hate walking into a house and knowing they have a dog or cat because of the smell. I don't want people tp walk in and know because of the smell that I have a child. The diaper genie masks the smell and hides the diapers!
-Baby Wash Cloths. Perfect for baths, but also for their mouths. I know, I know, that may sound extremely strange, and it stems from being in the dental field, but after almost every feeding, I wash Hudson's mouth out with a warm rag. If you look in your baby's mouth a few min after a feeding, you will see the milk just sitting on their gums - it's pretty disgusting and SO bad for their gums and teeth.
-Onsies with cuffs. As many times as you file or cut your little monkey's nails, they seem to always still grab and scratch their face. I prefer to keep the "baby soft skin".
-Gripe Water. I always have it on hand. Helps with upset tummies and calms Hudson down with just a drop.
-Diaper Bag. Obviously. But I've learned VERY quickly that there is no need for a purse because they will quickly merge to be one bag.
- Moby Wrap. This is the only way some mornings that I can get any "multi-tasking" done. I can get ready for the day, laundry, dinner, dishes, sometimes even use the bathroom, with "baby h" in the wrap. a m a z i n g .
-A #1 Nana. This is a little selfish, mainly because you can't have it. You may be able to get away with a #2 or #3 nana, but not number one- because I have her! My recovery was made so much quicker because of her. Love you mom.
- C-Section Recovery -
You won't regret it. My doctor was shocked how fast I recovered, how quick my incision healed, and how much movement I could handle right after the procedure. I'm actually able to be a mom without having to be drugged to do so. It's a little on the expensive side but I promise, SO worth it.

All of the above make for a very happy baby, and an even happier mommy.

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  1. so...if you go to Target (really it's probably more like when not if, lets be real) there are pacifiers just like the soothies, but they're called gum drop i think...they're the exact same but they aren't round, they are more the shape of a binkie.


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