Sunday, May 15, 2011

add ons...

Just within the last few days I've realize I have a few more "must-haves" that seemed to have slipped off the list from my last post that I feel just have to be mentioned.
- Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Moisturizing Wash and Bedtime Lotion. Nothing like a bath and little rub down before bed right?! A friend of ours mentioned that she did this every night for her little girl, so we thought we would give it a try, and what a difference it has made. Hudson knows that it's bed time once the rub down is over, and sound asleep he goes.
-A one in a million husband. Who loves you unconditionally despite your many random and sometimes repeatative requests, strech marks, late nights and early mornings, your all natural days/weeks/months, swollen elephant feet, and multiple phone calls to his work during the day to tell him about all the wonderful things the baby has done within the past hour. Kalob is a wonderful dad. I'm one lucky girl, and I'm hoping all of you are too!
- "On Becoming: Baby Wise." I was absolutley terrified to even read the title of the book, let alone test the philosophy on my child, but can I just tell you, after many days and nights of spoiling Hudson (I wouldn't take it back for a second) I have come to realize that I need to change out of my pjs before Kalob gets home & going to the restroom doesn't need to include a baby on my hip. Just buy the book and see for yourself. amazing.
-DVR. Kalob always gives me a hard time for what he finds on our DVR, but I then remind him of how quiet it can get sometimes at the house all by myself. Real Housewives (of any city), Say Yes to the Dress, ABDC, Greys Anatomy, The Voice, American Idol, 16 and pregnant, Khloe and Lamar...oh the list continues! Just because you have a baby, doesn't mean you can't keep up on the "real" world right?! hahaha.
-Hooter Hider. Some may prefer "nursing cover", but I'm still going with a hooter hider. I never understood why women just felt okay breastfeeding in public places without a cover. COME ON! COVER UP! Hooter Hider: perfect for public nursing sessions. Trust me.
Okay. I think I'm done.

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