Friday, April 8, 2011

you know you're pregnant when...

These are all things that have happened in the past few weeks to me, and Kalob and I get the biggest kick out of them...why not share them, knowing I'm not the only pregnant women that is going through this...I just may be the only one to share! :)

1. You know your pregnant when you need a running/head start to get off of a chair or couch...

2. You avoid eating anything but bread, water, or cereal because you are afraid of heartburn.

3. When you can't shave your own legs.

4. Your husband has to put lotion on your legs because you can't reach.

5. When going to the bathroom 15-20 time a day is totally normal.

6.You can't wait to start getting the "prego belly", and then you have it, and can't wait to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes!

7. You know you're pregnant when you are tired the whole day because you missed your morning and afternoon nap.

8. You have a case of Tums in every room in the house.

9. When you get out of the tub/shower and your towel doesn't fit around your "whole" belly.

10.You sneeze or cough and you "tinkle" a bit!

11. You plan your "menu" for the week, but have your husband cook all the meat ahead of time because it makes you want to hurl.

12. When you under-estimate the distance between two objects, and you get stuck, or have to re-think your destination plan.

13. You know you are pregnant when you lift up your shirt after every meal, just to make sure you didn't drop anything.

14. When you use your tummy as another arm rest, or extra place to set things, and it balances perfectly.

15. When you feel like you need a OBGYN and a dermatoligist!

16. When you are actually encouraged to gain weight and eat more than normal.

17. Your day to day wardrobe consists of strechy pants and your husbands baggy shirts, and nobody judges you.

18. You know you're pregnant when your thermostat is permanently set at 64 degrees, and you are still hot, while your husband has 2305982304983 layers on...(true story)

19. When you wake up at 3am to use the restroom, but you can't go back to sleep because you need to eat again.

20.When you sit on the floor, and then realize you can't get up without help.

I really do love my life, my family, my friends, my husband, and this little man inside of me.

He is beyond worth it!

16 days!


  1. Oh how I love you! You are a fabulous daughter, friend, comedian, sister, grand daughter, sweet spirit, beautiful momma-to-be and your my little girl! Love you so and can't wait to come and see you! 17 days...17 days!
    Lov ya more,

  2. I am SO glad I'm not the only one that goes through the layers of shirts/undershirts to make sure I didn't drop anything. :)

    And, in the delivery room with Jack Clayton had two shirts, a sweater, a pull over and a coat on and was STILL freezing. I was sweating. The nurses felt so bad for him they'd bring blankets everytime they'd come check on us.

  3. I just think you are so fabulous! I LOVE reading your blog! And I may have to copy your idea for this post... but I promise not to take all the credit as my own! I can't wait to see pics of your little man!!!! PS- Yay for no cone head! Also, I have been told by several moms who have had both c-sections and vaginal delivery's that the C-section is THE GREATEST thing ever! You lucky girl you!


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