Monday, April 11, 2011

a day too late...

After cleaning my wedding rings last night, I put my rings back on...nothing out of the ordinary. They slid on perfectly. Again, nothing out of the ordinary...until this morning! I woke up laying on my left hand, a little tingly and numb. I rolled over to find my hand extremely swollen. Now, let me tell you- I haven't been swollen my whole pregnancy. My face is normal, my feet and ankles are fine, and my hands are still the same...except my left hand! Looks like I'm a day too late, and as of right now, those rings are stuck, and my finger has a pretty purple, blue, and lovely red tone to it.

I've tried everything...

Vaseline and Gels...

windex- "big fat greek wedding" style!
The many different lotions...

I even resorted to the kitchen...butter & cooking spray.

This was my last attempt about an hour ago. ice water. And here the rings stay on my very swollen and colorful finger.


  1. are they all sautered (sp?) together? i found that i could only wear one of my three. drink lots of water (which i'm sure you know) to keep down on the swelling and maybe try taking them off one at a time while washing your hands really good. sometimes that was the only way i could get mine off. i hope you get them off, so your finger can return to its normal color!
    p.s. i'm going to miss you being kaeli's nursery leaders SO much, you guys were amazing!

  2. Try sitting with your hand above your head? Ick...Didn't you have to have the fire department come to the class in elementary school because you got something stuck on your finger...?! Was that you?

  3. hahahaha. okay okay, it looks like I have an issue and history with this- I promise it's not intentional! but yes- that was me...they had to come and cut it off- fourth grade- mr.sowers class. haha.
    I will let you know though- I've managed to get the first 2 rings off! :)

  4. I thought it was you! That's too funny. With my last pregnancy my feet suddenly got sooo swollen Clay had to take my toe rings off with pilers. I thought I was going to loose my toes!

    I hope you can get the rings off! Don't sleep with jewelry on! :)


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