Friday, April 8, 2011

all coming together...

I went to the doctor this morning...dilated to 2cm, having back labor (no bueno) and lo and behold "little baby k" has not moved an inch! Breech he stays! Now although some may feel bad, or send there apoligies, and most will hesitate when you say the word "c-section"- DON'T! Do you know what a c-section means?!

A SET DUE DATE (if we make it...april 25th) & NO CONE HEAD!

our little man is already perfect in every way, but no cone can't complain about that, right?!

I'm sorry that there are not complete pictures of the nursery...actaully I'm not sorry, at all, becuase then everyone will be suprised together! so much fun right?! haha. But I will tell you, that it's all coming together perfectly and functionally (kalob hates that word)! My parents are pretty much the most amazing people in the world and for our "welcoming baby" gift, they bought us a gorgeous dresser, that we are in love with and that fits perfectly- and trust me- the closet it full of clothes, and now, so is the dresser!

We also re-painted this shelf and added some canvas boxes. Oh, and those are also full of "organized extras", socks, toys, books, bibs, blankets...blah blah blah.

17 days people.

17 days!

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