Saturday, April 30, 2011

ten little piggies...

Post- pregnancy has been good to me. Hudson is absolutely perfect in every way, we are learning so much as a little family every day that we have together, and since "nana" arrived, his cuddle time has tripled!

My recovery has been difficult but SO worth every single push and labor pain felt...but one thing about a c-section recovery that you won't hear from a doctor and you won't read in the books...

WARNING: picture below may by too much to handle!

Introducing "The Ten Little Piggies"

and by "little" I mean







I've just given birth, I realize. My tummy is still being held together by twelve steri strips, with quite a lovely incision underneath, I'm still wearing "victoria secret" underwear from the hopsital, I JUST got all of the adhesive off of my skin from every needle stick and piece of tape that was put on me during my hospital stay, but the most change in my body feet. My feet have decided that instead of allowing me to be able to walk normally, or sit without having my legs elevated, that they would literally BALLOON the day after we left the hospital and have not stopped growing ever since. Because of the prescriptions and IV fluids that are and were being pumped into my body, my feet have the gotten the short end of the stick! I feel like I could take a needle, poke it in my feet, and I would E X P L O D E! I haven't experienced anything like this in my life, not even during my pregnancy & I've decided it's one of the strangest feelings in the whole world.

To all those women out there who experience puffiness, and swelling through out their pregnancy, props go out to you! You are pretty much wonder woman in my eyes!


  1. Oh dear! I'm so sorry!
    I got preeclampsia with Jack and my feet got swollen like yours. It took 6 days for them to return to their normal size - and then they were sore.
    I don't think there is much you can do. Make sure you are staying hydrated and off of them.
    Hopefully they return to normal soon!

  2. Its a lady here in Texas and its just an oil that you put in cool water then soak your feet... Since Im on my feet at work and getting towards the end of my pregnancy I get swollen feet... it helps tremendously!!! Its under pregnancy products.

  3. Try cinnamin in everything also drinks lots of water with lemon juice. My feet didn't get this bad but my fingers did. My ring is a size 6 and I had to get a size 11 fake ring to wear lol. Both those two things help your body not to retain water. Hope that helps alittle and in the future


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