Tuesday, April 12, 2011

staying busy...

So, we all remember "simplicity" right?! Well she has been put to the test yet again. While I've been trying to stay busy until this little man comes out of my tummy, I've certainly had to become a little creative, and a lot more domestic than I've ever been. My husband thinks it's the "mom" in me kicking in, I think it's the "I need to stay sane" in me kicking in! I only have 13 days left...but slowly, my days are becoming less and less productive, and the less productive I am, the longer I stay in my pjs, the days add up that my car doesn't move, my hair and make-up do not even come close to getting done (good thing my husband still loves me), and my time in the shower or bath gets longer with every passing day.

But here is where my creativity has kicked in. I've been given SO many amazing baby gifts, and I couldn't be more grateful, but with all of those amazing baby gifts- came hundreds of receiving blankets. Don't get me wrong- I love baby blankets, but we got 3 duplicate sets...SO I've been cutting and sewing, and measuring, and trying to be as creative as I can...but out came burp cloths. twelve of them to be exact- and more to come. Why not put "extras" to good use right?!

They may not be the most amazing burp cloths ever, but really- I'm not sure that spit up can make anything look "amazing"...haha. Who knows, I could be wrong. We will soon find out right?!

13 days.

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