Thursday, April 14, 2011

love, hate relationship...

Let me just spell this out for you...

L O V E: adore, worship, devote, irrisistable.

- rapid release gels. I'm out like a light in 30min flat.

- Pregnancy approved.

- Lets me fall asleep without feeling the beyond lovely back aches and labor pains!

- There is a generic...I'm all about a few dollars less!

- I can get a good 3-4 hours of sleep straight, WITHOUT using the bathroom, on a good night.

H A T E: disgust, odium, revulsion, loath

-depending on it to get some sleep.

- running out- we have made plenty of late night walmart runs!

- waking up exactly 6 hours after I knock the pills down- it's clock work, I swear.

Hence the reason that I'm blogging at 4:46 am...blek.

I guess I'm just getting in the swing of "mommy- hood".

11 days.

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