Thursday, April 7, 2011

"i love you's" often...

Pretty much I have the most amazing husband ever. just cause. no questions asked. no doubt in my mind & there shouldn't be any doubt in yours either!

here are just a few reasons...just in case.

Do I need to explain the reason? boise state!

his smile. how can you say no to that?the hardest worker i know. the way he loves me, unconditionally.

his adventurous side.
he is my best friend.
his sense of humor, i'm literally always laughing.

the multiple "i love you's" I get, often...every single day!

and to top it all off...he chose me to love. to marry. to share his life with it. for eternity.

The days on our "baby dolphin" countdown are coming to an end here shortly, and our time as "newly-weds" is too- the baby will be born 2 weeks before our first anniversary- we get a huge kick out of that, just about everytime we bring it up.

We are as ready as we are ever goign to be to bring our little boy home, and to become a family!

18 days.

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