Saturday, April 2, 2011

certainly feeling it....

Certainly feeling it...


that is...

It is pretty comical when I hug Kalob and my stomach hits his body before anything else does, when I have to literally ROLL like a log down a hill, out of bed on my many bathroom trips during the night, it is very strange not being able to paint my own toenails- although I'm not complaining about pedicures & my wonderful and very attractive waddle down the street on our daily afternoon walks, due to "little baby k" sitting directly on the sciatic nerve!

I will not lie though, I'm certainly going to miss feeling this way. I'm going to miss heading to bed at least 20 minutes ahead of Kalob so that I can lay, watch, and feel "baby" move and distort my stomach in ways I never thought possible, before "lights out." I may have grunted a time or two when "baby" decided to have hiccups at very inconevient times, but I'm going to miss that amazing rhythmic bumping in my tummy! I'm hoping that the real thing is going to be just that much better!

2 2 d a y s !


  1. I'm so glad you've enjoyed being pregnant! I love being pregnant too! And the real thing IS a million times better than when he's in your belly! Can't wait for baby "K" to arrive!!

  2. Hey elise! This is josh's wife kallie. You are adorable! I have loved reading your posts on his account, and if it's not too creepy I would love an invite to your blog. we are excited for your new bundle of joy, congrats! Maybe our kiddos will be friends someday. Hope you have a good day!


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