Thursday, March 31, 2011


If you know me, then you know I'm very frugal. I thought that would all change and I would be completely opposite when it came to the baby, but I was wrong. While researching, and studying up on nursery themes and ideas for months and months, I finally found the bedding that I wanted, but couldn't bring myself to spending $90 on a crib skirt.

Does everyone realize how big a crib is? How long a crib is? How high the mattress sits? How long a child stays in a crib?

Now, do you know how much you would normally spend a plain twin sized bed skirt? Try $13.

So, it got me thinking how incredibly silly it would be to purchase the expensive crib skirt, especially knowing how fast kids grow up and out of their cribs- the crib skirt wouldn't even fit a normal sized bed! I had an idea, and when I have an idea- it's going to happen- and it's going to happen for a dang good price!

IDEA: To make my own crib skirt for under $30!

I found and ordered the fabric I wanted for the the bottom of the crib skirt (same fabric used for the glider I re-covered a few weeks ago) and then geniously I bought a black twin bed skirt that we decided to cut and measure to the length of the crib, then I would start adding the additional fabric that we ordered to the bottom of the skirt. I promise- I may sound easy, but it has certainly taken some time, but can I please tell you that all together we only spent $26.47 on this "custom" crib skirt- which would then make it beyond worth it.

Here is where "simplicity" enters the picture. I will not lie to you, the last time I used a sewing machine was in seventh grade when it was required to use one. I've really never had the need to use one, and if I needed to sew or mend something, I would always just sew by hand. Luckily, my husband is amazing, and actaully knew how to set up "simplicity" for me and my idea!

fabric swatches for the nursery.

"simplicity" and the fabric!

The nursery can't be shown in full because our little man's name is all over, and it's still hush - hush! This is as good as it gets until he arrives!

Disappointed? Sorry! Hang on for t h r e e more weeks!

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