Tuesday, March 29, 2011

little red...

Oh little red. We love her so much. She's clean, trustworthy, and a light it our lives! My life has been truely blessed because she is in it! She has been there when I needed her the most...Roadtrips with her are the best- hands down. Many people have felt her radiate joy as soon as she arrives.

Okay. Okay. Corny. BEYOND! hahaha. But I'm a little excited and don't know how to express it. Little Red is my Mazda 3- whom I really do love so much. She was the first really big item I had purchased on my own, by myself.

I was still in college, my roommate, Sam and I had driven by it after stopping to get a Jamba Juice - almost a daily addiction - and I knew I had to have it- obviously because it was standard and first and foremost it was red. I called my dad, took a test drive, hopped in the car that I already had up at school, and made the 5 hour trip to Boise to get everything financial squared away, and about 4 days later- little red was mine.

Well as of today, after only 2 years, she is officially, and completely paid off. No more car loan, which means no more debt! Feels pretty amazing!

She is going to be such a good little mommy car- and let me tell you- she looks so good already with a matching red and black carseat in the back!

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