Saturday, March 12, 2011


Obviously, as you can see, I've been nothing but undecisive on this blog...fonts, backgrounds,'s not even that big of a deal! I figured that if I have to look at my blog, and I got bored, then I probably wouldn't be the only one! It also has kept my mind off of how close we are to having a baby! I figure that I won't have time to play around with my blog 6 weeks from now- so I'm taking advantage of that time now! We will see how long this style lasts! haha.
Nothing much has changed here...only that we are 33.5 weeks! Yah, that's a pretty big deal! I'm still continuing to work until I deliver, still on the right track for NOT purchasing any maternity clothing- jeans included, still planning on flying out, with the baby, at the end of May for my sister's graduation, and still planning on having the most adorable baby with chubby cheeks (I mean really, look at those 3D ultrasound pictures, precious!? I think, yes!)

oh, and please tell me how amazing these are...


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