Sunday, March 6, 2011

"that's our little boy."

Let's be honest, when people say "Wyoming", most think of cowboys, more cows than people, no mountains, & wind. But, I bet you wouldn't think of
3D ultrasounds...a definite postive to go to Wyoming!
That my friends, is our baby boy. Can you believe that?! We've decided that he will most likely have kalobs cheeks, and my nose and least so far. haha. Just seeing that little smile puts me on cloud nine!

Our little guy really like his toes!
Another reason that kalob wanted to go to Wyoming was not only our baby, but his "babies"...the baby cows that is. These little guys needed names so that's what they got (thanks to my mom and sister's input, the names fit perfectly!)
Little Miss "Stella"

Little Mr. "Sumo"

It was a pretty productive weekend. Nice to get away, but good to be back home! Back to work and reality tomorrow, but only 7ish weeks to go until "baby" is here! :)

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