Thursday, March 17, 2011


Totally unexpected. sooner than we thought. emotional. exciting. time to reflect. a little disappointing. reality. bittersweet.
I am officially done with work.
I am done training the assistants to take my place.
I am done going into the office.
I am done working with all the little kiddos.
I am done wearing scrubs...for work. (I will a l w a y s wear scrubs- work or not- haha.)
We were planning on me working up until the day I would deliver our little man, but everyone agrees that it's time to take care of me, and to let go a little bit, of the job I absolutely love, and will miss dearly. I landed this job just a short 3 weeks after moving to Colorado, and it has become my life, pretty much all I know. I knew I would not be returning after the baby was born, but emotionally, mentally, & physically, I obviously was not ready to be done this soon- considering Kalob walked in the door to me in tears-
"oh honey, this is the first time you've really cried since you've been pregnant, this is good for you!" Oh I love him!
I think it has FINALLY hit me, that we are going to be month...our lives are going to change month...I'm going to be giving birth, to a little baby boy, whom we will then be responsible month. We are beyond thrilled for that first cry, poopy diaper, laugh, outfit & that first car ride home from the hospital, for my mom to come, to put all of this baby "stuff" we have to good has finally hit me that all of this will be month...
I'm sure there will be some "domesticated" activities going on in the Komma house, with all of this extra time I have now!


  1. I was a mess too when I quit my job before I had Kaeli. But now it's baby time!

  2. Enjoy this time Elise, your life is going to change in beautiful ways, but it is definitely going to change. Spend your evenings with Kalob talking, laughing, talking, sleeping, reading books you like, watching movies you love!!!! We are all excited for you and this time you have "off" will fly by!


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