Monday, March 28, 2011

location. location. location.

Oh, little baby k is coming so soon...but probably in a different way than we all expected!

Our little guy has been quite cozy in my ribs the past 2 months, and all along we thought it was his little feet tickling, and making mommy's tummy numb.


so very WRONG!

Try his head!

Yes. We have a stinker in our midst!

I'm close enough to my due date that I see the OBGYN every week now... (we are becoming quite good friends!) I've been having these extremely terrifying thoughts that we are going to have a




& possibly even a


newborn baby. legit and scary thought? I think, yes. Considering this child has to come out of me somehow! I think every women should have a little bit of "terrifying thoughts"... Anyway, at my last appointment, I asked my doctor if she could just give me a little guess-timate on the size of our little boy, just to calm my nerves a bit. A lo and behold, we have a normal sized baby...weighing in right now at a whooping 6lbs- which would put us at a little 7-7.5 lb baby when due date arrives - our little tyke just happens to be breech. Obviously he is very comfortable, warm, and likes mommy's right side ribs. Nothing wrong with that! Until, in fact, we start talking about how this little guy is going to come out in just a few short weeks! Maybe that should have been my "terrifying thought"?

We tried to "flip" him "head down" on friday, and let me once again say- we have a stinker in our midst. He is "complete breech" and was not a happy camper and would not stay head because he loves his little nest in my ribs, we were given the option to try to flip him again, using a technique called a "version"- which would be done in the hospital, under anestetic, and very close supervision, there are some risks to take into account as well, and not to mention the pain that would be felt...or we could just wait it out, plan for a c-section, and maybe by then he would turn "head down" by himself. We have choosen to wait it out and see what happens, no reason to distrub the little man right?! hahaha.

So until then, let baby be!

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  1. We will love this little guy however he arrives! Don't you love being brave?
    Love you tons,
    Mom and Dad


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