Sunday, January 30, 2011

so we've been talking...

kalob and I have been talking alot this week, not that we don't every week, but this week it has been a little different tone. We are really starting to realize how much is going to change once this little man enters this world and into our lives. We are the most excited parents-to-be (if you want to fight that, bring it on) you will stumble upon. We weren't planning on being parents this soon after we got married- but I truely believe that everything happens for a reason, and this reason is above all of the rest. We are preparing ourselves in the best ways we know how, reading all of the books, taking all of the necessary pre-natals, going to every appointment-together, preparing the baby's room in a functional way. Kalob has taken it upon himself, that before we buy anything, he will check if there has been any recalls on the item, read the reviews, and we make the reasonable choice after "the process". Although we are doing all of these preparation steps, we have been thinking about the changes that will not only change our home, but our daily lives.

We have been extremely blessed in the fact that I will not be returning to work after the baby is born. I'm estatic to have all of my attention and time going towards my baby boy, but it's scary. I have fallen in love with what I do. I have fallen in love with my co-workers, the kids that i see every single day, the dental office, my scrubs, the fact of contributing to our home, waking up in the morning to go to work...I'm nervous for the adjustment that will come after I finally realize that I'm not going back. My poor sweet husband will forever have to tell me that I will be doing the hardest job, and that is being a mom, that I will be contributing in ways that only a mother can...I am so grateful that I have the most amazing husband in the world (you want to fight this one too- bring it on) that has worked so hard through years of school and internships, and now has a job that will provide for our eternal family...

Date night, hanging out with friends, our nightly rituals, our morning rituals, our lifestyle, our home, our individual lives, grocery shopping, shopping in general, meal planning, traveling...all will change with the birth of our precious baby boy.

I don't know that anything will prepare us for those restless nights, and restless days, sick days & teething. And I promise you, nothing will prepare kalob for those poopy diapers. But with it all, I don't think anything can prepare us for the feeling of actaully being parents, holding our little one for the first time, his smile and laugh, hearing that first cry, seeing the first crawl, roll=over & walk. We are so ready for the changes that baby will bring. Kalob is beyond excited to come home everyday, to not just me, but to our son.

yes. that says 28 weeks. 12 more to go. third trimester.

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  1. I love this post! Not gonna lie but I got a little teary eyed... It made me think about all the woman in the world that DONT WANT to be mothers... not the ones that cant... but they just dont want to... how much these women are missing out on. I have a sister in law who is devoted to her career and it shows... mostly in her kids. The lack in development and mostly in their mothers love because of the life she has choosen. Some women HAVE TO WORK. but i like you am grateful I don't have too and i get to be a full time mama. ITS THE BEST JOB EVER. After your little man comes you are gonna look back at this time and realize how you wouldnt ever change it for the world! Your gonna be an awesome mama. I'm sooo excited for you:))


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