Monday, January 24, 2011

if kalob had a blog...

Sunday, January 23, 9:47pm
elise: in master bathroom
kalob: falling asleep in bed
elise: " oh, little baby boy, mommy loves you very much..."
kalob : " honey, who are you talking to? "
elise: "SHHHHHH, I'm talking to baby, and I really need him to listen right now! "
elise:" (&@#*!%) (baby name, yes- it's still a secret!) I really need you to listen to mommy, I can't do this all night, I need to sleep-at least just for a little bit, but I can't do this without your help..."

l o n g pause from kalob...followed by hysterical laughter...
kalob: "baby, you do realize, that you are talking to our unborn child right? You do realize that you are using the bathroom....AGAIN, that's like twice in the past 4 minutes."
elise: " YES! Fully aware! why else do you think I'm talking to the baby?"
kalob (still in non-breathing laughter): " oh sweetheart, if only I had a blog, or a journal for that matter...I really should be writing everything you say down!!"
Just to reiterate a previous blog post, baby is pushing on places I never thought existed...oh bladder- please go back to normal! It is kind of funny I have to admit, but sometimes it's not funny, when I'm still being woken up at least 4 times a night!
I sure do love my baby boy!

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  1. OH just wait... its easy when they r inside u... and then it'll be up every hour... for an hour... ugh. I miss sleeping.


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