Saturday, December 11, 2010

what a week...

oh what a week, of pretty eventful, some worth forgetting, adventures.
It all started off wonderfully last friday. We were bummed we couldn't be in Boise for my brother and new sister-in-law's reception, but we had some fun plans to take our minds off of it. Friday night I had plans for a double baby shower, while kalob went and saw some friends from college that night...we started the night away from eachother- but ended it together and it was perfect. Of course we are still going to bed early, so the night didn't last too long, but at around 11pm that night i woke up with the worst pain I have EVER been in, my whole entire life.
Now, mind you, I have had kidney stones before, plenty of surgeries...I think I'm pretty well rounded in pain, and I'm known for being the girl with a high pain tolerence, a girl you have to force to go to the doctor...and heaven forbid you ever suggest the hospital. hahaha. Well tonight was Kalob's first shot at "talking me into a "visit"..and he won.
So about an hour had past and I couldn't even sit or lay down, so I found myself pacing the bedroom, back and forth, trying anything to forget about the pain. About 3am rolls around and Kalob wakes up to me STILL pacing the bedroom, in silent tears, with my baby blanket in hand. I explained what was going on, and Kalob ran out to all of the baby books- all I could hear was, "BABY, IT DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING IN THE BOOKS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE FEELING IN THE 20 WEEK SECTION!"
I love my husband SO much.
After minutes of debating, we headed ( literally across the street) to the hospital, where they kept me over night to monitor me and my pain, and most importantly the baby. A lot of things were discussed and what the next step was going to be. I was a mess. In situations like this, everyone always tells you to think positivly...but really, we all do it, the first thing that goes through your head, is the ALWAYS the worst cast scenerio.

To shorten up this NOVEL of a blog post...everything turned out okay. The baby is healthy, they are still keeping an eye on me, as I am still in pain, but nothing I can't handle. There are still a few things that the doctors are discussing...but as long as the baby is healthy, we know we can get through this. Although all of this was very scary and very stressful, there was an amazing part too. We recieved an ultrasound...which then told us....


Please let me tell you, our little tyke was doing somersaults in my tummy. He may be hyperactive but...
We couldn't be more thrilled. 20 weeks and counting!

We also hit our 7 month anniversary. haha. I'm sad to say this...but with everything that happened this week- we didn't even realize it until last night when I actaully looked at the date on my phone! We are a little late on that- but there's always next month right?! We are certainly feeling very grateful this week, for everything we have. Someone is looking after us.

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