Friday, December 3, 2010

the time has come...

okay- maybe Bah-Humbug...but everyone is decorating and getting ready for the holidays...except us- and for some reason we are totally okay with it! Alot has happened in the past week or are some updates!
-We made our way to Casper, Wy for a few short days for Thanksgiving to spend some time with kalob's parents, whom I haven't really had time to really get to know since we have been married- so it was SO nice to just be us and them for a few days! We had alot of fun, saw Tangled in 3D...had some quality time with the cows, had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, and ended in by driving home with 70mph wind- ALL THE WAY HOME!
-We had another doctors appointment, and then set up our ultrasound! We couldn't be more on the edge of our seats about what "baby" could possibly be...there are certainly days where I want a boy more than a girl and then there are plenty of days were a girl is my pick, but when it all comes down to it- we want a healthly & strong baby, ten fingers and ten toes!
-We have decided to move...right before christmas...literally down the street- perfect right?! hahahaha. Like it or not, we are moving only a few days before we fly out to Boise to spend 2 weeks back home for Christmas, and we we couldn't be more thrilled about this trip! We have found a condo that is just perfect for us and our new upcoming family! Let the packing and moving begin...AGAIN. This will hopefully be the LAST time before we make our way back to Boise...eventually. :)
(pictures to come shortly)
-We bought our early christmas present, only a month early! hahaha...we have been wanting a TV that would just complete the living room- it didn't take very much convincing before we were out, and back with a new gorgeous tv!
-THE BABY BUMP HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED! finally right?! I thought I'd have more to show for being 5 months pregnant- but I'm certainly not complaining...
Really, at this point- our lives are amazing, couldn't ask for anything better, we are so incredibly happy to have eachother, and a baby on the way- 5 months down!


  1. yo- we need to catch up- shouldn't you know the gender yet? love and miss you!

  2. i love your blog you are so good at updating! i can't wait to see preggo pictures!! can i please throw you a utah baby shower?!! love love love you.


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