Tuesday, December 28, 2010

living. laughing & dolphin...

What an amazing past few weeks we have had! Christmas has officially come and gone, and we are officially still on vacation, and we are certainly not complaining. Kalob and I were so lucky to spend a little over a week in Boise for Christmas with my family and so many of our wonderful friends, whom we have missed so much. It was the most relaxed we have been since before we got married, and that was a little over 6 months ago! We made NO plans, had NO agenda, woke up when we wanted, napped as long as we wanted, and went to bed as early as we wanted, with no questions asked. My parents have created our own little get away room, and my mom has packed away baby gear and clothes- just waiting for this little grand baby to arrive, lets just say- we don't waste ANY time!
Christmas was amazing and it was even better being married, and having my husband right along side of me, walking down the stairs to the gifts and stockings that awaited us- call us kids at heart, but we were beyond excited!
(this picture was NOT taken christmas morning...We didn't look half this put together!)

Before I get ahead of myself- we were able to recieve another ultrasound right before we boarded the plane. This ultrasound was alot more in depth and intense and was the most wonderful thing I've seen in a long time. They gave us a DVD of ultrasound and i think we've made copies for everyone! hahaha. This is just a portion of our little tyke- who, according to the multiple ultrasound techs we have met- is hyperactive...already- considering he was doing some "legs over head" action...

They are also saying that we are measuring about 1-2 weeks earlier than they thought! So over the christmas break I hit
24 weeks!
-I woke Kalob up at 5am the other morning to feel the baby, then my mom was next- who had said that we weren't allowed to get back on the plane until she felt her grand baby.
-Little Baby Boy Komma kicks alot and is moving around like crazy!
- We are naming our son Dolphin (thanks for the suggestion Kiley!)
It has certainly been a week full of "BIG DEAL" things...


  1. Such a fun ultrasound video! I can't wait till I can have one of those. And that is beyond exciting that you are measuring ahead!!! I would be ecstatic! 2 weeks is a big deal.

  2. awwww can't wait for your little dolphin to get here


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