Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tuesday night conversation...

So- call me crazy, but being pregnant is exhausting...I work 10-12hr days, I get home and all I want to do is eat and sleep...I usually hit my"exhaustion wall" at about 8pm and try and talk Kalob into coming to bed with me that early...He will usually give in, just because he's that amazing...but tonight was a totally different story...
(keep in mind, at night, I can't fall asleep unless he is in bed as well, so me going to bed on my own time, by myself, is really pointless.)


Me: Honey, I'm really tired. Can we please go to bed?
Kalob: Babe, I'm not ready, I'm really just not ready.
Me: I don't think I can make it until you are ready... (totally whining to get my point across)
Kalob: Well, don't let me hold you back, I mean, just wait a little bit longer, and we can go to bed! We are still getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night.
Me: (trying to come up with something clever to say) NO SIR! I'm getting 4 hours and "baby" is getting 4...so that doesn't seem at all fair...(kalob is laughing hysterically at this point, & I'm still not understanding why this is so funny, until I took the time to think about what really just came out of my mouth..)


Oh, you guessed it, writing this blog to try and stay awake...dang it.

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  1. ELISE!!! hahaha Loved your little story ps new blog look is awesome I love it! :)


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