Saturday, November 20, 2010

take a look at your hand...

Yes, I said take a look at your hand! That is the size of "baby". Body fat is beginning to form, and has skin that is practically translucent. This week your baby is all about practice, practice, practice in preparation for birth. One important skill your baby is sharpening now is...swallowing. Your baby's heart rate is regulated by the brain, and clocks in at 140-150 beats per minute (ours was clocked at 142 and then 150 at this last appointment! Which means our baby is going to be perfect...hahaha prideful- I say, just a little!) Now, I do keep telling myself that our baby is much cuter than the one in this picture...hahaha, and although I'm still NOT showing, I keep telling myself that the baby bump is on its way, soon. right?! The doctor still isn't able to measure me, because there's nothing to measure! I keep thinking that it's going to be there by christmas time when I go back and see all of my family & friends, so that I have something to show for actaully, really being pregnant! But, if that's not something to look forward to- then give us 2-3 weeks, because "baby" will NO longer not have an identity; it will be.... boy or girl, 50/50 shot right, because there is ONLY one baby, one heart beat! This week has certainly been filled with plenty of stress, enough to cause my heart rate to soar, but having that to look forward to, is keeping us going!
We have already decided on names for the little one, boy or girl, which we are incredibly thrilled about, but will NOT be revealed until the baby is out of the tummy, we have almost bought all of the essentials, still avoiding maternity clothing as much as possible (we will see how long I can go!), we have amazing people in our lives that are so incredibly happy for us, an amazing life, an amazing marriage, and an amazing little one on the way- ready or not!

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