Thursday, October 28, 2010

it was heart day!

We have been waiting for this day since the day we found out we were expecting a little tyke.
Today was the day for a little baby heart beat.
A little thud thud - thud thud...
I can honestly tell you- it was one of the best feelings & best sounds I have ever heard.
It was such a relief to know that...
1. Our baby had a normal heartbeat
2. I could finally stop worrying about whether the baby was still there... (cut me a little slack- this is our first baby! )
3. There is only ONE don't get me wrong- I would have been estatic if there were two...but ONE is also something that is so good. hahaha.

We feel so grateful.

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  1. you will still need to hear that little heart beat every couple of days so you don't worry! but it is beautiful!!!! just waiting to you hold them when you sleep and you can listen to them breath SO sweet! I love you and am so happy for you! come lights and shopping?!!


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