Saturday, October 16, 2010

day date...

So, it's Saturday, and this is the first Saturday...actaully the first weekend we A.)have been in town B.)haven't been working or C.) have been we thought we would take advantage of our Saturday and spend it together and go on a much needed, and long overdue day date!
We started our date at

We haven't been to Olive Garden since we were first dating and thought it was about time to sit down and eat some desired breadsticks and most that may seem as easy as one, two, three- TRY AGAIN.

We waited to be seated..only about 10 minutes.

We were seated...nice area in a booth, but no waiter-for about 10 minutes...finally we our waiter came over and took our order. Now if you know me- you know the ONE and ONLY reason I come to Olive Garden is the breadsticks...but there was NONE to be found for at least 20 more minutes- not only were the breadsticks MIA- so were the drinks and salad we ordered.

At this point the "B" in me came out...I think Kalob was scared for whoever came in my way!

FINALLY..a manager walks by, brings us our breadsticks and salad, our drinks we ordered over 30minutes earlier, and apoligizes for the delay.

Now, again, if you know will also know that when I haven't eaten or I'm hungry, I get, times that by 2 (since I'm pregnant hahaha)...thats G R U M P Y! Lets just say, I pretty much inhaled the salad and breadsticks!

Shortly after, our food came out, and I was a little bit more calmer, just praying this experience would turn out well and end better than it had started...TRY AGAIN! Now I don't mean to complain, but our breadsticks hadn't been refilled (REALLY important!), aside from that, our drinks hadn't been refilled, not to mention, we still hadn't seen our waiter!

We couldn't help but laugh, since it was absolutley ridiculous service...but here comes the kicker!

I'm eating my perfectly cooked meal, great scale of chicken for the pasta, just the right amount of parmesean cheese on top...just the way I like it.

For some reason I love twirling my pasta, just right, so it's a perfect fit in my mouth. About my third twirl and bite into my pasta...the pasta wasn't twirling! I tried about four times until I resorted to cutting the pasta. The pasta wasn't cutting either! I took my fork and started to examine...sifting through the pasta and chicken...there it was.


I found myself gagging a bit, looking at Kalob, and sifting again. What could it be you may ask?!?!?

A PIECE OF PLASTIC. 6inches long(no joke). Half an inch in width. I was appauled, disgusted & nausea was overcoming my body. The manager was horrified, made me a new plate (I had certainly lost my appetite at this point)...came out with boxes for extra breadsticks, salad, and our meals...all free of charge. We were so ready to just leave. Can i please just mention...we only saw our waiter ONCE in 2 hours! horrible!

We got in the car, and just shook our heads and laughed...We are still saying,"did that really just happen!?"

oh what a day...maybe we should stick with "night" dates?!

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  1. K yay you have a blog! we have to follow eachother so so so excited miss you and love you!


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