Thursday, October 14, 2010

i've started...

Started buying baby essentials that is! Kalob and I have decided to start buying the big things, just so we don't save it all until the very end, and since I know exactly what I want- it's pretty easy!
I've been EXHAUSTED lately,which I figured i would be, considering I usually work 10 hours days on my feet, up and down, with patients all day...but still, I told my doctor at our last appointment and she said...

"(started off with a laugh) Yeah- growing a spinal cord and organs is hard work isn't it?!"

Although, Im exhausted- I still seem to find some time to do some online shopping- for the baby of course! :)
This baby ( girl or boy) will learn very young what team(s) to cheer for!

pretty much fell in love with this set...maybe because it was black and red...but also I want something that I'm going to be able to use again, if baby number 2 (thinking WAY ahead) is a different "gear" is certainly NOT cheap! (the play yard matches this as well- that will be the next purchase!)

THE CRIB! I'm thrilled about this purchase- considering we had ordered this crib the day before, and I happened to be on craigslist and found the EXACT crib and changing table set, never used, for about half the price we paid online, we picked it up the next day and were able to cancel our order! OH the things we do for baby. haha.

I finally have the tiniest little baby bump too...nobody has been able to tell yet- except me, and sometimes Kalob will say something ( I think he says something just to make me feel like I'm actaully starting to look pregnant- instead of going through the "fat stage" that i'm dreading...bless his heart! hahaha.)

Let's be honest though, I'm going to bet that I have the best husband in the whole world, considering when I get home from work, all I want is to go right to sleep...instead of going to bed at 10 or 11 like a normal couple, we are in bed by 8:30 or 9...or should I say- I'm in bed by then and he follows because he knows I can't fall asleep without knowing he's right there. Dinner is ready every night when I walk in the door (he gets home before I do usually). Back Massages every night. Does not judge me when I have to use the bathroom 30496820398402938 times more than I've ever had to use it before! Does not say a word when I have to eat every 2 hours...even if that means that at midnight I wake up and need a yogurt because my tummy is talking to me. All the joys of pregnancy!

Goodness I got lucky in the husband department!

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  1. Elise! I miss you and I LOVE all of the baby stuff pictures! Wish we lived closer- I want to go shopping with you for cool baby gear- keep the baby pics coming!


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