Friday, October 1, 2010

casa sweet casa...

I figured I should probably add some pictures of the new place- instead of just telling everyone we moved! I will tell you, it has been SO hard going from a big house to an apartment-
I've had to be creative- and I was SO blessed to have my mom there to help me. There was absolutley NO way i could have unpacked the entire moving truck myself. She took away the overwhelming feelings I had while Kalob was at work, and we started unpacking our lives.
I certainly learned how to use a power tool, hang pictures straight, use a level, hammer a nail instead of my finger, and how to run stairs with boxes in your hands effectivly in 100 degree weather, very quickly. My mom and I made many Sonic runs that week just to be able to keep going.
Once we were finally finished unpacking, things started falling together. It started feeling more like home rather than just a place to temporarily live. Although moving to Colorado has been one of the hardest things for both of us to do, we are excited for the adventure, the challenges, the new friends...well pretty much NEW EVERYTHING! Good thing kalob got "us" (really for me) a GPS before we moved...I punched in, and saved - home, walmart, jamba juice, marshalls and ross, and work: pretty much the only necessities I need!
It's going to be hard, nobody said it would be easy, but I have a roof over my head, the most amazing husband anyone could ask for, a wonderfuly family and friends that have been so supportive, and we both have been clessed with amazing jobs that we love. The lord has been good to us.
Until next time...
-Colorado Bound

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  1. You are adorable. And your home is beautiful!! Love the red touches. Your mom is pretty wonderful.. I agree. :)


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