Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm missing them today.
I'm missing my family; my mom, my dad, my sister and my brother. I couldn't imagine having any other family.I miss my girls- and girls nights. I miss being my mom's "buddy" I miss family vacations, and just being home.
I'm missing B O I S E- terribly...the hype that would happen on game days, my house, the simple yet missed so much.

I miss starbucks dates with Jena at least once a week- to catch up, gossip, just being together.

I'm missing Justin Quinn today, well everyday. The best friend ANYONE could ever ask for...if you don't know him- you aren't living life to the fullest and i promise that you haven't laughed your hardest!

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE being married to the most amazing man...i love coming home to him everynight and waking up to him every morning...but we both agree that Boise is where our hearts will always call home, where we want to grow old and raise our family, where our dream home awaits us, and where we are meant to be... Colorado will do for now- We claim it as a nice place to chalk up some adventure points...but Boise get ready- we are coming back...soon.

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