Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I normally don't like to do comparisions, espeically when it comes to hudson. They make me a little sad. I feel like the last 2.5 years have gone by so incredibly fast and that he has grown up way too much over the past few years- even the past few much has changed, and it's undeniable. As much as I try to keep him little, rock him, sing to him, and still call him "my baby". 

although I don't like doing comparisons, this one just has to be shared.

[This first picture is Hudson just 2 months ago.]

and this picture, is of Hudson just last week.

His chub is going away [boohoo].
His face is thinning out.
He is talking in sentences [more on that tomorrow.]
He is sleeping in a big boy twin bed.
He is potty trained.
He is wearing size 9 shoes.
He goes to gymnastics class.
He is seriously one of the most hilarious kids you will ever meet.
He has grown at least an inch.
He is in 4T pants, and 5t-xsmall [in big boy] shirts. 
He will, without a doubt, be at least a foot taller than least.

I told much has changed.
But I sure do love being this kids mama.

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