Wednesday, November 6, 2013


more like... 
what has hudson been up to all freakin' week.
we've had a pretty eventful week this past week, with a lot going on...which is exactly what little man needed to recover from Nana & Papa's house. we've had a few meltdowns because we aren't in Boise anymore, nana and papa aren't here, and when we get in the car, we don't go the right way to head to Idaho...they have been sad, tearful, heartbreaking meltdowns, but I'm happy to report, we are going to make it through it!

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm very allergic to horses. We found that out the hard way one year while my family and I were riding horses along the Oregon Coast. So when Kalob mentioned that one of his coworkers had offered for Hudson to come and spend some time with their horse...i  was a little worried. okay, a lot worried. I really wanted to go and see Hudson on the horse for the first time, and of course I had to get I LOADED up on Benedryl, switched out my lenses on my camera, and stood really far away...and still got some pretty awesome pictures!

I mean, look at that smile.

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