Thursday, November 7, 2013

"my boise"...

Ever since getting back from our boise trip last week, Hudson has been obsessed with everything "Boise, Idaho", I mean, I don't blame the kid one bit!
So when I bought tickets for the BSU vs CSU football game last week, I knew we had to take Hudson!
It was absoultely freezing, but he made it through 3 full quaters, plus half-time...until I looked over and he was sitting there with his bottom lip quivering because he was so cold. As we were leaving, I carried him to the car as he was telling me "my boise. my boise."
Be still my beating heart...I knew he would have a strong love for the city that holds our hearts!

Hudson cheered endlessly for both teams, and made friends with all surrounding ram fans!

Want to know whats crazy...
this isn't hudson's first boise state football game at Hughes stadium in colorado...
The last game we attended, my parents were in town, and Hudson was only 5 months old!!

Future Bronco right here I tell ya!

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