Tuesday, August 20, 2013

operation decoration...

"Operation Decoration" is officially underway!
GOAL: finally decorate Hudson's bedroom [ the right way]!

I think I've been in denial for quite some time.
As a mom I feel this way a lot, but it finally hit me the other day...
Hudson is really growing up.
He can tell me what he likes, what he doesn't.
He can tell me what he wants to eat, & where he wants to go.
He can choose what he wants to wear, he can choose his own show to watch.
Hudson can tell me when he is tired, and he can tell me when he gets hurt, or if something is uncomfortable.
Hudson can also tell me that he doesn't like toys. He may not say it exactly like that, but actions really do speak louder than words sometimes...
He has made that very clear for a while now, but I just didn't want to admit that my boy was growing up. 
Now, he will play with a few items...but only a few.
He is completely over the little gadgets and has moved on...because he is getting bigger and older.
His room was turning into a pile of non-used toys, and it was getting ridiculous to try and keep clean.
[these pictures were taken the day after we moved into the new condo...
so...don't judge too harshly!]
[literally, Hudson has a zoo in his crib, at all times.]
[do you like my super ghetto sheet & blanket curtain!? thought you would!]

Told you, tubs and tubs of toys...more were down in the garage.
Most of which were completely unnecessary!
So, a massive clean out was needed. I probably shouldn't get rid of toys, mainly because I'm sure we will have other kids someday...but I just didn't want to store them. I donated 4 bags full of toys. Toys that hadn't been touched in about a year. The best part about it...Hudson helped clear it all out. He picked the toys he wanted to keep, and he did a dang good job at it. We've clearly been in denial about him growing up...and with growing up, it seems that "moving on" comes with it.
Moving on from the baby toys, the shakers, the silly things that "they just have to have!".
He doesn't need it. He doesn't want it.

So, we will be cleaning, organizing, and donating...
But we will NOT be adding ANYMORE "toys" anytime soon...

And by the end of the week...there will be a reveal.
An awesome reveal...
A reveal that I am absolutely thrilled about...
And a reveal that I have been thinking about for over a year!
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  1. He is getting so big! And I love the blanket curtain lol I did the same thing to the window by Ava's crib

  2. I've been going through the same state of denial with my son ha ha! That is a great idea about having him help pick out the toys he does and doesn't want.


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