Friday, April 12, 2013

friday letters [30]...

dear husband: life throws some rough curve balls huh?! good thing today is friday! dear hudson: I will not allow you to turn two. I will not allow you to turn two. it can't happen. I won't let it happen. [I have two more weeks of telling myself this over and over, before it's going to happen.] 
dear bipolar weather: figure it out please. dear boise: why do you have to be so incredibly amazing every single time we go, that it's so incredibly hard to come home?! dear white chocolate mousse: you are heaven. the end. dear blogland: why can't we all just be friends. seriously, things have been so negative lately, and it's all anybody is talking about. 
can I get an AMEN?
dear moving: I hate you. dear packing: I hate you even more. dear moving down the sidewalk: I hate you the most. dear blog: because of the last three "dears" are neglected.


  1. Ive moved more times then I would like to admit. It is my least favorite activity in the world. Good luck with the move!

  2. Where are you going? Are you buying or renting? I can give you TWO amens, first... people should be nice. Second... I HATE moving too!

  3. I am glad I have been missing out on all the negativity. Probably because I have hardly been around, lately!


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