Wednesday, February 6, 2013


What is Hudson Up to Wednesday

bubble baths.
normal baths.
warm baths.
cold baths.
kicking baths.
splashing baths.
morning baths.
afternoon baths.
night time baths.
A L L    D A Y    B A T H S.

Okay, now that I feel like I'm writing a Dr. Seuss book I will stop.
But seriously, this is all this kid wants to do these days.
I've been to target like 5 times to get more bubble bath, shampoo, body wash...really the cheapest stuff I can find to make a legit bubble bath. [good thing he doesn't know the difference right?!]
Oh and another good thing is that we don't pay for water here in the this kid can have as many dang baths, can fill and re-fill the tub, and splash as much as he wants. Those of you who try and conserve water, and take offense to this post...sorry in advance.


Now, if only I could get in a bubble bath, in the middle of the day, 
and nobody would need me or notice that I was gone....
Yeah, not going to happen...for a very very long time.


  1. Bath times are the best times. I love it! Do you have one of those machines that sticks to your bath wall and blows bubbles out? Flippin' awesome (maybe mommy likes that one a little much...)!

  2. That's adorable! These pictures are amazing can I ask what camera you use?

  3. Oh my goodness, adorable! I've never known a baby to love baths so much! So so cute!


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