Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"just" a stay at home mom...

I know it's Wednesday, and it should be WIHUTW...but this is my blog and I tend to do what I want.

Does the world really think that being a stay at home mom is easy? 
That we just sit around and let our kids vend for themselves? 
That us stay at home moms sit, watch tv, and blog, craft, and DIY all day long...
That's is all fun and games? 
What about the throw-up, the multiple dirty diapers, the tantrums, the middle of the night terrors and bad dreams, the messy food that ends up e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e., the toilet paper that is strung through the house...or the magnetic letters floating in the toilet water [oh wait, that's only at my house? hmmm.]
No work involved?
No stress?
No tears? 
And I'm not talking about coming from your baby who is hungry, or toddler that just scrapped his I'm talking about the days that end and all you want to do is go to sleep...literally just curl up, shut out the world, and sleep...but you can't manage to even do that because you ran out of diapers or wipes so a trip to the store has to be a number one priority, the laundry is piled up so high that you have to make paths through your house to get to a room, and the dishes that seem to be piling up in the sink, need to be done...and your husband is stuck at work all you can manage to do is cry, while doing the laundry & dishes...but not crying too loud or you will wake the baby.
Or all those times that you didn't sleep because you had a sick baby, who fell asleep on your chest, and your arm was numb from falling asleep 30min ago, and you had to pee, but you stayed in that rocker so that your baby could get some rest...and then did it all again the next day.
No sleeping in. No snooze button. No sick days.

 Being a stay at home mom is by far, the hardest job I have ever had in my entire life. 
I realize I'm only in my early twenties, but I've had some tough jobs. 
Like the one I had in college as a CNA, [because I thought I would go to nursing school not dental assisting school]...working with a quadrapeligic man in his thirtys...who weighed twice my weight, was a good foot taller than me, and I lifted him, bathed him, drove him, dressed him, cared for him, fed him, emptied his catheder, did bowel care [don't ask], and stayed with him until he fell asleep at night. If that doesn't humble you, I don't know what will...but back then...I thought that was the hardest job I would ever have and here I am 5 years later...and I'm eating my words. 

Now, just because I'm a stay at home mom, and it's a hard job, doesn't mean, even in the slightest  that I don't have the best and most fun job...ever. by every single definition.
Play-doh, daily walks, markers, coloring books, disney movies, play dates, story time, toys, feeding the ducks, the zoo and farm, childrens songs, bubble baths, mac and cheese, little people clothes, diaper bags, nap time, the park, cuddles and slobbery kisses...I mean, all of that on a daily basis, it can't get much better. 

I guess what this rant is all about is as simple as this...
I choose to be a stay at home mom.
It works for me. It may not work for you.
and that's okay.
But it works for me.
I'm busy on a daily basis. 
Sure I take a nap from time to time, but
I rarely get to use the bathroom without a shadow.

So when you want to make a comment "oh, I just figured because you were a stay at home mom"...or "you're JUST a stay at home mom?!" or the one I got from the realtor today "oh, so you just stay at home while your husband goes to work?" again, I will then refer you back to this post.
I do not think any lesser of you because you go to work, and I'm pretty positive  you shouldn't think any lesser of me because I stay home with my child.
I'm going to tell you that every single stay at home not JUST a stay at home mom.

We are best friends, doctors, teachers, kiss-er-betters, companions, maids, taxi drivers, protectors, chefs, heroes  up-all- nighters, professional fort builders, schedulers, quickest diaper changers, authors, story-tellers, multi-taskers, photographers, & goldfish picker-up-ers.
We are some of the most fun people on this planet, and our kids make us awesome.
And to them, we are the best thing since breast milk and french fries...
[okay, so those things don't go together...but every baby seems to think they are amazing.]

So while today you think I'm just a stay a home mom...
I'm actually busy doing all of the above for this little stud.


  1. Thank you! This is such a perfect description of what it means to be a SAHM. I have had days like that and can completely relate. Although, I will admit to getting some crafting done during naps, but it is solely for business purposes. ;)

  2. I LOVE this! Every.single.word rings true.
    I refer to my self as a "full-time mommy." Because, my (our) job is just that. Full-time!
    Hardest, most rewarding job, hands down.

  3. You go Elisa !! Being a stay at home mom (being good at it) is the hardest job and most selfless thing any woman can do!! I totally understand where u r coming from the world seems to think its something to be ashamed of.... But I'm not ashamed I'm the one who is actually raising my child not through them off on someone else to have them do the hard parts that come with them I'm proud I put them ahead of my career even with my photography work I do part time I do almost everything while they sleep anyone who thinks being a stay at home mom is easy obviously have not done it themselves

  4. When people ask me if I have a "job" I say. "Yes, I work at home being a mom, that IS my job" and a hard one at that. :)

  5. Amen sister! Seriously I couldn't agree more. I never thought being a mom would be so challenging and rewarding all at the same time! I love my Little E and I'm so grateful for him but just like you said when my head hits the pillow at night...all I want to do is burry my head in the covers and sleep...sleep FOREVER! :) As challenging as being a stay at home mom is, I will NEVER have a more rewarding job where I get to smile {mostly} all day and watch some tiny miracles each day! Its really amazing!

  6. Love it! Yes, it is HARD work! I do occasionally work as a RN outside the home and it is a break! And believe me lifting and turning 200lb women with epidurals who can't move is not easy either..

  7. I love this post! When I was a stay-at-home-mom I hated when people would assume that I had all the time in the world, or that all I did was sit at home and play and have fun. My son was so mischievousness and ornery! I didn't get a break.. ever. He never wanted to take naps, and he was constantly on the go with me chasing after him.

  8. Love love love the pictures! :)stay at home moms are full time workers.

  9. Amen!!! I get that "just" a stay at home mom stuff too and it aggravates me to no end.

  10. YES. I am a working mom for the sole reason that I absolutely cannot cut it staying at home. Long weekends and weeks off - they are killer! I have no idea how stay at home moms do it, and god bless you for being able to do so!

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