Monday, January 21, 2013

someone is pregnant and it isn't me...

Well again, something fierce has hit our little condo...and this time it's croup. yuck. 
Poor little Hudson has had quite the last few weeks...but he has been a trooper through it all. 

I will keep the details off this little blog of mine but I can say, we have had a lot of family time.

So while we are spending some much needed recovery time, I thought I'd share a maternity shoot.
And no, it's not my own maternity shoot, because someone is pregnant and it isn't me!
[Sorry to let down some very hopeful's just not going to happen for awhile!]
I met an incredible couple who asked me to be apart of their pregnancy by taking their maternity pictures!
I never thought I'd be doing something like that but this was an amazing shoot, an amazing couple,
which means this baby is bound to be absolutely amazing!

There are at least 60 more pictures, but I think I will spare you!

Hope you all had a happy and healthy weekend! 
We are still working on it!


  1. The 2nd to last photo with the blanket in the snow is absolutely beautiful!!


  2. I hope Hudson gets to feeling better soon! Sick babies are no fun :( My son just got over the stomach flu that he had for a week not too long ago.
    Gorgeous pictures!!
    New follower from the GFC Collective Blog Hop!!

  3. I love the picture with the bump poking out of the blanket! So cute! I hope the baby feels better soon!

  4. Cute pregnancy photos! You did well. Also, I get the croup. Still. I am a grown woman & still get it. I hope it goes away ASAP. Not fun to deal with. At all :L(

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  5. I use the "someone is pregnant...but its not me" line all the time and it seems that every time I tell someone I have something to tell them, they instantly say, "are you pregnant?" I love kids but not right now, its not time!

  6. oh no! hope he feels better soon!
    great shots Elise, these look great!

  7. I hope your family feels better soon! And I love the maternity photos. :)


  8. I love that first picture of the couple wrapped up in the blanket! Too cute!
    Feel better soon mama and family!! :)



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