Monday, December 10, 2012

poof [revisited!]...

After my "whats in my make-up bag" post last week, I have gotten a lot of emails about how I do my hair. Now, this is not uncommon. I'm pretty I get an email at least once a week from a new follower about my hair - with the question of "how the heck do you get it to do that?!".
I had done a post about my hair around 6 months ago...the blog has grown a great deal since then, so I'm thinking it is time that we revisit a "poof" hair post.

My hair has been through alot.
It's been blonde, just about every single shade of brown, I even went black.
It's been long, short, and shorter....
but every single picture has one thing in common...
the poof!
Many have I'm telling.
  • Yes!My hair is all real. None of that "bump it" as seen on tv, cheating stuff! All real baby.
  • Yes! Go can touch it!
  • Yes! I get ready for the day...almost everyday, hair and all.
  • Yes! It's a process...I won't lie,....take a look for yourself.
  • Yes! I do have bad hair days...I promise! I usually pray for that not to happen! [That's what hats are for!]
  • Yes! I use a "special" comb, and some, okay a lot, of hairspray- it doesn't take expensive product!
  • I use BIG SEXY hairspray for normal days, but when I'm going out, or need it to stay for a lot time, I use the cheap stuff...Suave Strong Hold [$2 at walmart people!].
  • Yes! My hair does go flat! [shocker!] There are only a select few who have seen it "down" less than 10 people...until last week, well and today. [excuse the picture repeats!]

[step 1: flat hair.]
No make-up and my hair down. VERY rare occurance...even for my husband!

[step 2: get CrAzY and tease, spray, tease,
spray, & tease,tease and tease some more!]
I usually take a shower at night, and will actually go to bed with my hair teased up like that. I know it's a little nuts, but it works for me, and my husband doesn't say anything about it! haha. I think we can all admit that we don't all wash our hair every single day, and usually on the second or third day, it seems to style so much better...same with my hair, I need all the "dirty" I can get to help this poof.
 [step 3: comb. comb. comb & shape. 
It's kind of an art. No "holes" showing here!]
  • No! It doesn't take me hours and hours in the morning. [I don't have hours and hours in a morning.]
  • No! This is not going to work on every one's hair. I always say that my hair is "trained". But I'm sure with enough hairspray, you could get a little "lift" in your hair! 
  • No! don't be scared! I mean, you don't have to have the "inch" height but a little volume never hurt anyone...I promise. 
  • No! My hair is not damaged. Every single hair dresser is always shocked when I tell them what I do to my hair...they are expected damage all around. I really give credit to Baking Soda & Shampoo [what I wash my hair with] and my teasing comb [got it at Aveda, but I've seen tons at Walmart that look pretty similar.]...
Some people may love it, some may hate it- to be honest- I don't really care. This is me. This is who I am. This is probably who I will stay- for a very long time.
Everyone told me that this was going to be the first thing to go after I had a baby...yeah right.
 My baby actually looks at me a little funny when I walk into his room in the morning without my hair done.
I don't think it's going anywhere!
Now, grab a comb and start teasing, ladies!


  1. Wow! Hands down on your effort to do this everyday :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  2. This is how I style my hair too! It scares people when they see it mid-style! :)

  3. omg I love this post, you rock the hair and the whole look and I love that you own it. Makes me like you even more!

  4. Now you have to tell us about the baking soda and shampoo. :)

  5. You are a true artist baby~ You rock that poof :)


  6. Love this! I poof my hair on days I DON'T feel like styling it...or days when it probably is time for a full wash and re-style, it really is way easier if your hair is a little dirty! And I love your "No holes" poor hubby...I'm always like "Will you come check my poof for holes?!"

    The bigger the hair, the closer to God!!

  7. Love your hair! I can never get my poof as high as yours.

  8. I think your confidence in your hair helps you pull it off. You must wear the poof with CONVICTION!
    Anyways, I love your blog, and this tempts me to try getting a little lift in my very thick but not voluminousness hair. Thanks!

  9. Ok, now I'm totally curious about the baking soda and shampoo routine! Do tell!

  10. I love it! My hair always falls flat when I try to tease it.


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