Monday, November 26, 2012

give it to me!

I'm so glad that everyone is starting to trickle back in from Thanksgiving breaks, and I'm so happy to be getting back into the swing of things. The hubby has had the past 4 days off, and it has been blissful and relaxing, and just wonderful with just the 3 of us! and then this...
Okay. We have lived in our condo for about 2 years and our lease is coming to an end at the end of December [not the most amazing time] and the property management company called today saying that we would have an inspection of the apartment with the condo owner. 
Like an in-house, white glove, inspection.
I'm pretty sure we pay alot of money to live here...
and I don't need someone in my house to make sure it's clean enough right?! 
I had white glove inspections when I was in a dorm in college!

 So while we are back in college, acting young and stupid, cleaning our condo for a "white glove" inspection...with an eighteen month old wanted to help,
I need your help and I need to you to give it to me!
Give it to me!
[your honest opinion that is.]

I've been trying to decide on a back [yes a back] for our Christmas card.
I realize I need [ed] to order them, like yesterday... but I just can't decide...
Which is where you come in!

The front of the card has a picture [obviously] and the colors red, green, and black [somewhere].

What's your vote?
Let's all be honest.
Are they all lame?!
Which one do we choose?


  1. hmmm... your name stands out most in #6, obvs, but my gut says #3 don't ask me why. I'm such a minimalist, though so maybe I shouldn't get a vote on such fun patterns. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours.


    We've got this amazing team hosting An Aloha Affair so that we can all gather and share and mingle with other beautiful creatives over the next few days. You are personally invited to join us, if you please. I'd love it if you would.


  2. I like 2 or 4. Although they are all super cute!

  3. I Vote three or six. Three is the most Christmas chic in my opinion, and six is fun & really pops!

  4. I like three :)

    & Have fun with that cleaning girlfriend!!! Been there done that!

  5. #7 for sure!!! White glove inspection??? You have GOT to be kidding. I never even had that when I lived in a dorm. INSANE! Good luck hun!

  6. #8 :) good luck with that inspection!! :)

  7. I vote 1 or 7! And a white glove inspection? What the...

    I'd be angry.

    Now, I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the beauty bag post :)

  8. I like 3, 5, and 8! You have so good options!

  9. I'm drawn to #1 but I love the red chevron too!

  10. 3,6,8!! I hope that semi helps?! Do you make your own cards!?? That's awesome!

  11. I love #7. It's different, not too Christmasy. Very nice!

  12. I love 4 and 7! :)
    Dropped in here from 'A little bit of life' blog.
    I'd love it if you visit my blog sometime and if you like, do follow too!!

  13. I like #'s 1, 4, & 7. I can't believe the condo owners are doing a pretty much surprise white glove inspection... Don't they usually do that after you move out not before? So weird

  14. 4 and 5 are my absolute favorite! Such cute holiday card designs.

    Saying hello from [a traveling Wife]

  15. I'd go with No 7 definitely! Enjoy ur inspection...!!!

  16. Did you go with 4?? that is just so christmassy!! definitely that one!! hope your inspection went ok :)

    Jen xxx


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