Wednesday, October 17, 2012


What is Hudson Up to Wednesday!
Well the weather is certainly changing here in Colorado. 
Some days are nice. some days just plain suck.
If it is raining outside when I wake up, I'm instantly in a bad mood...same with the snow. [I know I know.]
Now, if only Hudson could talk in full sentences, he would explain to you that rain is officially his favorite weather element!

 I'm sure I'm going to get someone saying that H doesn't have shoes or socks on, no hat, or jacket, and it was probably cold outside....and now he is going to catch a cold, and get sick. Well, let me just tell you, save your breath. haha. Hudson needs to live life, feel the rain between his toes and little chubby fingers, and guess what?! He didn't get sick...not even a little sniffle.

While the weather is being completely bi-polar, we have to fill our time with some in-door activities...
Luckily Nana sends amazing arts and crafts, along with some washable [thankfully] markers.
 It started off so clean, and so neat...which kept my stress and anxiety level very low...
I just had to let him go and learn.
 I should have said no....

After the green marker entered his mouth, he figured out that it was pretty gross, 
and wasn't meant to be tasted.
I'm sure we will thank Nana when we see her and Papa in one week!
As always, I leave you with this face...

Well this week is absolutely flying by... hoping the same for everyone else!


  1. such a handsome little dude!!! I love that you let him play in the rain. Makes me want to do the same for my son:)

  2. I pray that when I become a momma I have the ability to allow him/her to explore things the way you do. I totally agree with you - they need to live and learn without always being told no.

  3. Oh my gosh, he is so adorable. I love that you let him experience everything and don't shelter him! It seems as though so many people feel the need to shelter...I hope when our little guy is here I let him live like we all used to as kids :)

  4. He is so darn cute! Love his little bare feet in the rain. We all need that sometimes! :)

  5. Oh my! He is lucky he is such a cutie. LOL!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  6. Sure looks like he had fun with those markers!! :) Pictures to keep and share with his future girlfriend. ;) Thanks for sharing your sweet little one.

  7. I love that you just let him learn! My husband and I have already talked about adapting that parenting style when we have children!

  8. Hudson is so handsome!!! Those marker pictures are pretty funny :)

  9. Oh my goodness those marker pictures!! I hope they were washable! Looks like he had fun though! :-)

  10. I just discovered your blog via the GFC! I am a new follower and hope you will check out my blog as well.

    Your son is adorable! I love his long eyelashes (my daughter is the same way!). More power to you on letting him taste those markers. I would've been having a coronary!! Haha!


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