Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have no fancy pictures, or even an in-depth post for you today.
In fact, this is probably the most incredibly random post 
that has ever been published on this little blog of mine.
Honestly, I just really shouldn't even be awake right now...
because this may be something I will regret!
Laundry, Dishes, Bathroom sinks,
Being a grown- up really stinks.
Scrubbing toilets, and the floors...
Chores are something I do not adore!

I may have swore, while trying to restore,
These carpets to what they were before.
They were so very dirty...
How many times did I go over them?
About one-hundred- & thirty.

Hudson followed right behind me though, on his hands and knees...
He helped me with such ease,
His wipes in one hand, and sippy cup with water in the other,
I couldn't have been a more proud mother.

With Jake Owen, Pink, and Glee turned up loud,
It's like we were dancing in front of a crowd!
I clap my hands while Hudson bops his head,
We forgot about cleaning, and play hide & seek instead!

I promise these things will eventually get done...
They are getting checked off the list one by one.
We don't have very much longer...
My patience is sure growing stronger...

[should I keep going? because there are so many words to be rhymed.....]

Wow. Where the heck did that poem come from?!
Honestly...I have no idea.
Don't hold it against me.

BUT....We only have 2 days, 2 whole days, until my mom flies in, and I'm so beyond ready.
H doesn't even know what is about to hit him, and I can't wait until he sees Nana's face at the airport.
But, do you ever feel that when people come to visit, that your house is all of a sudden the dirtiest, it can't get clean enough, and you start to freak out a bit?! 
I think I finally understand why my Mom would be cleaning like crazy before parties at our house, before a holiday, or even before a birthday party...I get it now!

Lets just say during H's nap today, I filled two big black garbage bags of clothes and shoes, one garbage bag of garbage, parted with all my dental scrubs [really sad day] and finally gave the hubby some more closet space...I know I know, I'm such a good wife.

This time tomorrow, Nana will be here, hanging out for the next 5 days...
so if this blog is neglected at all, I have absolutely no apologies! 
 This girl still needs her mama, and there is no doubt that Hudson needs his Nana.
Stay tuned for family photos [found the most amazing location ever!] , details of our amazing and relaxing weekend, and....
drum roll please...date night...yes date night!


  1. Adorable post. Have fun with your mom

  2. Ha ha I loved the poem!! Your too cute! I'm excited for ya to get to play with your mamma

  3. YAY! So excited for you that your mom gets to come visit. I am lucky enough to live so close to my mama! I would die without her!


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