Monday, October 22, 2012

coming up...

I had some realizations and thoughts this weekend...
  • We have hit a HUGE milestone people. huge. 500 followers to be exact. We hit that number and I couldn't be more excited. I know that they say "numbers" don't matter, but this has been a goal of mine for almost 4 whole months, and once a goal is reached...there is cause for a little celebration don't you think?! Which in blogging terms...500 follower g i v e a w a y ! [If you would like to be apart of the giveaway shoot me an email - I'd love to have you! ]
  • Do you remember the tie shop that I have... Knotted and Tied?! Yeah, well it has been extremely neglected [understatement]. But. I have been working on some new styles and designs, and need to make some room for them. So, we are officially in full FALL SALE mode! Use promo code "FALL SALE" for an amazing deal of Buy 2 get 1 free!
  • Just a few more days until Boise...which means only about a week until the Color Run. Remember last time?! I do have to say that I feel so unprepared this time around... Say a little prayer for our crazy 13 hour car ride...yep, call us cRaZy!
  • I have some amazing sponsors, which means that I have some amazing guest posts coming a recipe for pumpkin brownies...yeah, you should probably check in often!
  • Have you heard of the Cara Box?! If you haven't, head over to Wifessionals and found the details...lets just say I'm super excited to receive mine in the mail from Ashley at Wanna Be Green.

How is all of that for starting off your Monday?!
Hope everyone's weekend was fabulous!


  1. AHH! I can't wait for my box either!!!

    Thanks for the shoutout!!!


  2. I can't believe it's Monday already!!

    Good luck with the color run..that will be a blast!!

  3. YAY for reaching your blogging Follower goal! Add one more to the list! Love your blog- you look like such a cute cute mom and your little one is darling! Excited to get to know you better!


  4. YAY for 500! :) I was follower #501! :) Winner! :) Oh my gosh, your ties are too cute! I may need to order my nephew onw!!

  5. Giveaways are always fun! Yay for hitting 500 way to girlie. Maybe someday I will hit 500.... Good luck during the color run! I am sure you will do fine & Goodness that is a good little drive for it!

  6. Yeah for 500 followers, I am still trying to inch my way to 300. :)
    Would love to be part of the giveaway!

  7. That makes me 503! Congrats! Love the blog!


  8. wow, congratulations on hitting 500. it must feel great.


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