Monday, May 28, 2012

color run.

Raise your hand if you ran the happiest 5k on the planet this weekend?!
I DiD, I DiD!
3.1 miles of color madness to be exact!
I should preference this post and say [as I've said many times before] I am a complete
wanna-be runner. I don't think I have ever ran more than a mile, at one time, for fun, before. ever.
But after having my son, and wanting to get rid of the baby weight once and for all, I felt like I needed something to switch up my work-outs even more. So I signed up for my very first 5k back in February,trained my little heart out for the past few months,and finally ran it this past weekend in Denver!
For those of you who haven't heard about The Color Run, here's the shortest version of what this race is all about....\It's known as the happiest 5k on the planet [because it truly is]...all of the proceeds go to charity, & at every kilometer there is a "color station" that you run through and get "colored" [see below]!
Here we are. so fresh. so clean, before the race!
I was able to run with the most amazing women!
"h o t   m a m a s   o n  t h e   r u n!"
 [the blue "coloring" station]
[running through the yellow color station!]
 [I had the best and cutest side line cheerleader. ever.]
  [after the race, all colored up!]

I don't think I've had this much fun while running in...forever. I think I finally understand the phrase "working out can be fun!"
Every single one of you should probably just do yourself a favor and sign up for a Color Run near you! I've had so many people email me about the race, about my experience, and asking questions, so here's some pointers [you know, since I'm pretty much pro now!]
-wear sunglasses!
-bring a bandana to cover your mouth from the color dust!
-Your hair will be a rainbow of colors once you are done running, so plan the next few days accordingly!
-When your child freaks out because he doesn't recognize you after your race, don't get happy that you are that colorful!
-Don't be alarmed if you blow your nose afterwards and you have purple and turquoise snot!
-Be prepared for the best morning of your life!

 I just signed up for another Color Run back in my home state of Idaho...
I just can't get enough!


  1. Awesome. You've inspired me. Im going to do this with my husband when it comes to Boise. But! The website says registration isnt open- is there somewhere else to register?!

    Did everyone ru the whole way? I'm going to start training, but I haven't ran since high school! So, runnin the whole time probably won't happen!

  2. How fun! I have always wanted to run a 5k and my cousins just recently did a color run too! Great job!

  3. It looks like so much fun! I hope I can do one someday!

  4. I have never heard of this--and love to run!! I may have to do this when it comes close to us---that's AWESOME! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. You're doing another one??? You crazy girl! It was seriously so much fun. Thanks for all your motivation!

  6. Oh my gosh! That looks like it was so much fun! And it looks like you had a great group of friends to run with. And 3.1 miles is awesome Elise! I think training for ANYTHING, no matter how long or short takes so much dedication. Way to go Mama!

  7. That looks amazing! Maybe I could get up the courage to run with an outcome like that. Awesome job!

  8. Congratulations!! Great job!

    Popping over from Kerry's blog to say hi. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a great night!


  9. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun. I want to participate in a 5k, Ive never been much of a runner haha. I am your newest follower, coming from Kerry's blog buddy post.

  10. Hey, visiting from Kerry's blog buddy post! It looks like you had tons of fun and your little fam is so cute. :D Looking forward to reading more.

  11. I've never seen this before. It looks like so much fun! I love all the bright colors. How can it not make you smile?!

  12. Oh my goodness! How fun. I think you just inspired me to do this run. New to your blog. Hope you come back from vacay soon so we can get to know each other. ;)

  13. thanks for the advice, I can't wait for my run on July 22nd!

  14. Ahhhh I did the color run too!!!!! Such a fun event!!! I also blogged it haha!


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