Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I feel like it should be Tuesday, but in fact, 
my husband had to remind me that it was Wednesday...which means
What is Hudson up to Wednesday!
 A few weeks ago, I was on craigslist during nap time, just scrolling around, avoiding doing the laundry, and found a children's tool bench....$3.
You better believe I called right away, even if we don't a single square foot to spare, and funny enough, it was being sold right down the street from the condo! So after little man woke up, we headed out to pick up his new toy! For $3!

Daddy even found some buttons that make a "drilling" & "saw" noise, and H is obsessed!
The tool bench came with some odds and end pieces and random tools, and to be honest it really bothered me. So I got online and found the actual tool box that went to the tool bench...for $6.
 I couldn't resist, and ordered it!
 Now we have a complete set, and new favorite toy!
And I don't think you can beat $9!

- Hudson's molars have finally popped through and that means one happy little boy...and mama. 
That was sure a rough teething round! 
- He now does the actions for "head, shoulders, knees, and toes!"
- "Hudson, how old are you?" He holds up one finger!
- Now that I've been able to finally find some shoes that fit his feet, 
he has found a new love for things on his feet!
- He has decided that walking around with my phone, having his own conversations, is the coolest and funniest thing ever. 

I have a confession.
I'm a little crazy. [oh shoot, you already knew that?!]
I have major anxiety too...
And now that I have a kid, I have major anxiety about him feeding himself, his own messy food...especially food that has a sauce associated with it....and yogurt & applesauce.
I know. I know it's bad, and I know I have to let go...
So I did.
I first started with some fruit...and he was a champ.
Then I moved my way up to some mac and cheese... and my heart was beating way too fast.


Finally, I gave him a fork and a bowl full of mac, took some pictures, and then walked away. 
He looked like he had a blast right?! He did amazing. 
I've known he can do it, but I just couldn't let him for the longest time...
I give you full permission to judge me...harshly.

Oh and one more thing....
 I know you just saw this picture above...but I noticed something this week...
Hudson chipped his tooth.
I have no idea when, he probably doesn't either...
but it's definitely chipped!
Adds a little bit of character don't you think!?



  1. Love the work bench! Im going to go check craigslist right now! :)

  2. What a great deal you found! I have a hard time with messes with girls won't wear bibs, so it just means eating in diapers most of the time to save the clothes...that's how I gave in to the constant mess!;)

  3. Love, love, love all of you so much! Miss that darling boys giggle! Have a great rest of the week! Love, Nana


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