Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i can do this.

While I was at bootcamp the other night, we had about ten minutes left, and my arms were giving out. I had a 30 pound round weight, for 2 minutes [longest two minutes of my life...] in my hands, arms stretched to their full extent above my head, and they were shaking....I actually think my whole body was shaking, my eyes were squeezed tight, and I probably wasn't breathing very much...I dropped the weight. My trainer came over, looking kind of disappointed. He picked up my weight, lifted my head up, and looked me straight in the eyes and said
"you can do this."
"you can do this."
"I know that you can do this."
He then had me start all over [I honestly thought about cutting off my arms and just walking out of there] as he stood there, he asked me to tell him everything I had accomplished that day. He then started the 2 minute timer.
I woke up to Hudson at 8am, fed him, changed him, dressed him, I ate, did the dishes, did two loads of laundry, watched a friends baby while she went to a doctors appointment, made lunch, coated 50 cake pops, skyped with the bestest in virginia, nap time, finished a baby shower gift, answered emails, wrapped the gift, talked to my mom, watched the dishes pile up again, Hudson woke up, snack time, post office to send off a tie, decorated the cake pops, went on a walk with Hudson, Kalob came home, family walk and grocery store, grabbed a protein bar, ran to the mail box, then ran out the door to bootcamp to get my butt kicked once again...
and much to my suprise, the timer was beeping, and had been beeping for about 20seconds.
I couldn't feel my arms and I thought I would cry.
As I left and drove home, I felt a sigh of relief. Not only did I just accomplish something at bootcamp, but it just hit me...I can do hard things.
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Do you sometimes just feel like you aren't good enough? Like you're failing?
You're not doing enough...as a wife, mother, sister, student, friend?
Yeah, me too.
This was my kitchen sink before doing the dishes that day...
 and this was the [three] pile[s] of laundry that was never ending...
I even put Hudson down for a nap a half hour early because I needed to just take a breath.

Have you ever heard that failing means stopping?!
 Which means, that if you get back up & brush yourself off, you are not failing!
I'm pretty sure I tell myself this every single day of the week!
Remember: there are more people counting on you than you may think.
and I can guarentee you that you are making one heck of a difference in someones life too.
So why I tell myself over and over...
I can do this.
I can do hard things.
I am making a difference.
I know I'm not perfect, but...
I   m a t t e r.
remember that...

So why don't you make today
s i m p l y   a m a z i n g !


  1. Great post!!! And way to go!!!

  2. Thats so awesome!! Im going to have to do a mental list like that when I work out. Thank you for such an inspiring post :)

  3. ...tired just reading all that!... ;-) c


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