Tuesday, September 11, 2012


maybe in separate tents?!

Okay, so we all know I'm married right?!
I have an amazing husband who I love dearly.
But when it comes to sleeping...actual sleeping, 
we just don't work. We don't mesh. We just don't go together.
Wanna know something...we couldn't handle a queen bed, 
so 2 weeks after we got married we upgraded to a King bed. 
Wanna know something else? We don't sleep under or with the same blanket....ever. 
Hubby has his own, I have mine. They don't match and they don't touch. We don't touch.
You know those stories or people [you may be one] who can fall asleep wrapped in the arms of their loved one, fall asleep, and sleep all night long....BLAH!
I can't even tell you how many times we have tried, and made it about 5 minutes, or until one of us [usually me] says "I'm done" and then rolls to his/her "side".
Some of you may be completely opposite, but you know what I've decided.
It doesn't matter, because it works for us!
We have a pretty awesome marriage,
  a pretty awesome life, 
and a pretty darn amazing little boy.

So those 9 hours of sleep at night...
do they really matter whether we are underneath the same blanket?!
whether we have a queen or king bed?!

You can still have sleep-overs in separate tents right!?


  1. ha we are the same way! i have my blanket and he has his. we cuddle for maybe 10 minutes, then roll to our own side of the bed. but in the mornings we cuddle for a few minutes.

  2. We are exactly the same way as well. No cuddling. We get a goodnight kiss and then we're off on our own!

  3. Hahaha! I could imagine this is possible, I can sleep eithe rway though. When I fall asleep hugging him or in his arms, I will be like this all night but if I fall asleep with my back facing him, I would be that way the whoooole night. It's weird but I don't really move that much in my sleep unless I'm sick or uncomfortable. :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  4. I love this! Me and my dear husband still try to make the snuggling work, but I remember when we first got married I would feel so bad that we would roll to our own sides! We do reach our feet out under the covers so our feet touch - at least sometimes...


  5. this is so funny! We are the exact way! He has his pillows and blanket and I have mine! And yes we're now to the point in our Cal King bed.. where we'll kick eachother away if one touches the other. lol

  6. You described us perfectly too.....well, me, at least. I don't like to shar my covers and I don't like to be touched. My hubby wouldn't mind but I can't handle it! hahaha We have a california king and sometimes I even feel that it isn't big enough!

  7. I can relate. My husband and I are never going to be the movie couple that wakes up spooning. Never. He gets hot and I get cold. He stays up late (and reads a book on his well lit iPad), while I (try to) go to bed early. I've been rallying for a king size bed since the beginning, but with the way the windows are placed in our room, it would never center in the room just right.

    Incompatible sleeping patterns do NOT mean an incompatible couple. I love my husband dearly. I just wish he had his own room some nights.

  8. I am seriously considering getting a second blanket for my boyfriends place, he is such a bed hog/blanket hog and I wake up to him breathing super loud in my ear, or sleep talking! Love him to death, just not when I'm trying to sleep

  9. HAHA! I could have written this post! We are the EXACT same way! Own blankets and all!

  10. We are the same too. Our blankets don't match nor do they touch.


  11. To each is their own choice. I commend you loving what works best for you however I am so not gonna lie I am so opposite. It is so hard for me to sleep if my hunny is not in bed with me I need that touch! I always say instead of a vamp he is werewolf he always stays so hot & I love the warmth of his body :) cute post!

  12. So true! Haha! We sleep on opposite sides of our king bed too. And I love it :)

  13. haha--I also recently posted about the trials of sharing a bed after marriage. My husband and I actually share a full bed, which works well for us because we're both pretty small and short. But he's rarely under the same blankets as I am because I'm alwaysm much colder than he is at night. Still, I sleep better when he's there!


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