Friday, September 21, 2012

fridays letters...

dear bsu: that was by far, the ugliest game I have ever seen in my entire life. Although we won, that was absolutely embarrassing. That defense totally held you together! dear husband: So grateful that work has slowed down and you are actually home, and we were actually able to talk...yeah- what a concept huh?! dear hudson: lets pop that other molar through shall we?! dear mom: thank you for booking your ticket - 13 days! dear glee [total guilty pleasure] : loving the new much! dear new exercise ball: thank you for being weighted and not rolling away! :) dear new tie designs: so excited for you to enter the shop! dear sonic: you totally filled my craving for a limeade...[you have no idea how awesome it was.] dear new followers: w e l c o m e ! so glad to have you! Can't wait to get to know all of you better!

ps. Check out my guest post over at wifessionals today on some "fabulous big hair!"
and have a great weekend!


  1. Oh crap. There's a new season of Glee? I need to start recording it again! Have a great weekend!

  2. Just stopped over from Wifessionals--- HOTTIE with some awesome hair!! Please come teach me in person, lol! My hair is in desperate need of a lift!! :)

  3. Popping in after reading your guest post- I appreciate that someone else out there knows the fine art of backcombing lol Newest follower :)

  4. I know how hard it is when your husband is working crazy hours. Brandon was always staying late when we lived in the UK. Now things have finally calmed down! Yay for quality time!


  5. I think we are twins! I'm from Boise (live in Utah now) and I am obsessed with big hair! The bigger the better!

    Luckily I had a cold last night, took some Nyquil and passed out halfway through that ridiculousness! I was relieved to see that BSU won and glad I was spared the anxiety of having to watch the whole game!

    I can only imagine Coach Pete's anxiety and annoyance!

    Cute blog, new follower. :)


  6. Elise,
    Hi! here from the blog hop. Love your blog. I will be following you. Follow me back if you would like.
    Thank you.

    Patricia from

  7. I feel like I haven't gotten to see or talk to my hubby either lately. I am glad your is around now, though. Another week and our lives will start calming down,finally!

  8. I am new follower from Friday's Letters!! I love Sonic too... but there aren't any here in RI.

  9. Good ol molar comin through? Just left that staged. 2 at once sista and it sucked! Haha but man o man they're in a get mood after :) haha thanks for coming to check out my blog earlier. Following back!!

  10. I'm glad your husbands work schedule has calmed down some.

    I'm stopping by from the blog walk. I'd love for you to visit me at

    I'll be liking you on Facebook as well.


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