Wednesday, August 22, 2012


What is Hudson up to Wednesday!
It has been a big "just because" week for this little boy!

-We were at Target the other night, just walking around, wasting time, and came across the tricycles. We've been talking about getting one for H, but it has just been talk.
Well, that talk turned into action and we bought the dang thing!
We hid it from him that night, sat on our bedroom floor and put it together...I totally felt like I was a mom of like 4 kids on christmas eve, trying to put together their toys. Seeing his face the next morning when we brought him out of his room, was amazing...
and kind of creepy, but we don't judge!
 -He also got a little haircut...I can't remember if I documented his first haircut, but this kid acted like a champ, and this time was no different. He literally just sits there as we cut his hair, runs to the bathtub when we are done, and that's that!
[and you better believe I use a clip in his hair to seperate his "mohawk hair"!]

-He says llama. He has all of the llama llama books, and just this week started saying clear as day, LLAMA!

- He has decided to become the pickiest eater ever the past few weeks, and since he has always hated, disliked, despised bread...we only have a few options...any fruit, peas, string cheese - not regular block cheese- string cheese, potatoes, some pasta, graham crackers, yogurt, and jello. Any other suggestions?!

 - H hates to wear his hat outside, but as soon as this little guy steps foot into the bathtub, he points to his head [sign langauge for hat], tries to say hat by going "huuuuu huuuuu huuuuu" and must have it on his head, the duration of bath time!
 And with this face and that skin, I don't even care!
Can not even believe that this boy will be 16 months in just a few short days!

Happy Wednesday everyone...
if those last two pictures didn't put a smile on your face,
I don't know what will!


  1. These posts are my favorite. You'll be so glad you have this all down someday! It's hilarious that he wears his hat in the tub. I let Ava do things like this too. Why fight it when it's not harming anything??

  2. Handsome! Handsome! Have you tried chicken nuggets, mac 'n cheese, tater tots? What about breakfast foods? Pancakes, french toast sticks? Does he like tortilla shells? You could make a sandwich with the tortilla shell rather than bread. I'm trying to think back to my days as a childcare teacher. :) Hope some of these ideas spark some interest!

  3. So handsome! I love that you used a clip to separate his mohawk hair! I should have brought a clip with us when we got Judahs haircut. I asked the lady to leave the top alone but they never listen to me.


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