Wednesday, July 25, 2012


What Is Hudson up to Wednesday!
We've had quite the week so far, and clearly its only Wednesday!
This little guy turned 15months yesterday, and you better believe we celebrated!
At the park down the street from the condo, there is a little splash park!
Absolutely perfect for the triple digit temperatures we have been having!

We've got a runner, a really fast runner!


 Love those little cankles!

He was so upset that we had to leave, but I don't think it even phased him that his lips were blue,
 and he was uncontrolably shaking!
Happy fifteen months baby boy!
- H has also finally transitioned to one nap!
one nap people, this is HUGE for him!
One, three hour nap in the afternoon, and let me tell you, it's blissful!
- He has started to mimic everything word we say.
- Has a new found love for corn!
-blows kisses and gives the wettest kisses to Nana while we are on the phone with her!
- Has discovered his eyelashes - so funny!

I love being able to be home with him, to watch his every move and action,
and to watch this little boy grow up into the most amazing little boy!
We are so incredibly lucky!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. First off how stinking handsome is he! I love his swim trunks!! My son who is almost a year loves the splash pad too!!


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